Costa Rica, 2019, August 26
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Venta casa frente al mar en San Miguel Guanacaste/Sale of beachfront hose in San Miguel Guanacaste

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: House facing the sea with a beautiful front garden and adjoins the beach It is located in Playa San Miguel (also called Playa Javilla, next to Playa Coyote, in Bejuco de Nandayure. It is located 15 minutes from Punta Islita airport and 30 minutes from Samara. It is a beautiful place where you can see a great diversity of Flora and Fauna. There are two estuaries very close and there are several beaches together that can be walked, from there to Punta Caletas there are 17 kilometers of beach, which generates a beautiful amplitude. - There are pools with fish on one side of the beach and a stream at 1 km. And for those who like to fish, they can do it in front of the house, on the rocks or in the Estero. - At night you see the sky all starry - It is a living beach where there are Cariacos and some nights the plankton is observed. - The turtles come to this beach to spawn, one goes walking on the beach and meets them. - Sometimes we have in front the view of whales that go to the South Zone. Beautiful property with a lot of garden The house has a bedroom upstairs and downstairs has another space to sleep, next to the room, has kitchen, 1 bathroom, a terrace, air conditioning and is fully equipped. Normally 2 people are rented $ 155, 4 people $ 170 and 6 people $ 190. It has enough occupation in the year. The house is built at the beginning of the lot, because it was left to make a large house in front of the sea. Construction: 80m2 Land facing the sea 30 m: 1490m2 Current sale price: $ 200,000 Previous price: $ 295,000

Ubicación: Guanacaste
P.Venta: $ 200.000
For :
Lote: 1490
Código: LO.30

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